Two strings to one’s bow

Due to our experience in the market we are able to offer that little extra. It’s all about to make packaging amazing: save time, save money, make everything easier, shock Consumers into a radically new appreciation of the value you are offering.

So we wound up having to identify a path for improvement ourselves on:

  1. How to create a working method that generates competitive and lasting advantages, not related to occasional or individual intuition.
    We went to MIT in Boston to learn from the best practices on innovation and Consumer experience.
    This opportunity, as well as having reinforce the awareness of our many strengths, has expanded our vision bringing us to consider new points of view. So now, in the development phase, we make informed choices in regards to the most important, also unconsciously, product attributes able to communicate to the Consumer the idea of a good packaging.
    Technical aims are often divergent from visual or ergonomic ones, so the choice or the mediation between them take many different ways which can, ultimately, affect the result of a great path.
  2. How to translate the expanse of information in appropriate and filtered brief / incentives.
    The management of creativity, knowledge, user experience maps and the impressive volume of information, sometimes generic or weak, that join everyday our company it’s become a distinguishing characteristics between achieving good or mediocre results! Knowing how to map, amplifying or restricting details with effectiveness, impact immediately in the product’s quality, time to market and potential revenue that it can develop, as well as in the quality of the custom solutions we offer to the Client.
  3. How to be systematically innovative, or rather a serial innovator: so that while I’m doing a new product I’m already thinking about the next release.

The rules of a serial innovator

  1. The innovation processes must orbit around a network of people – connect&develop
  2. The serial innovator is versatile: it runs through repetitive processes where you can make efficiency and experimentation through mistakes and discoveries
  3. The serial innovator is open to the outside, with a network of collaborators, while inward is addictive, interdepartmental and interdisciplinary

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