Taplast translates concepts into action

Convenience, modularity, customization, flexibility, work cycle, flow, sustainability are met through the design and the perfect balance between Consumer, Customer, Manufacturing.

Our R&D organizational model is a combination of several flexible internal and external expertise that offer the advantage of: being a variable cost depending on the amount of the projects; be trained by the most important professionals in the market that would not be justified as internal resource; have international figures who bring positive contamination into the company.


We make production-quality plastic parts supported by 3D printer.

Prototyping guarantees a rapid availability of production-ready plastic parts, allows to test and optimize the production design meeting every customer requirements. Furthermore, the pilot mold serves as a model for the subsequent production of mold testing 1:1; the essential condition for the realization of the final production mold.

Productivity and reliability are affected by:

  1. product design
  2. project of the equipment
  3. choice of the material
  4. material handling
  5. mold & molding machine
  6. molding conditions and parameters
  7. auxiliaries equipment
  8. maintenance
  9. quality control.

Injection technology

We produce lighter closures, with consequent saving of plastic material, and higher performing caps able to fit to different type of flexible packaging.

Their modern and sophisticated design is a result of the cooperation between our design team and Clients R&D departments. Our high quality products ensure reduced cycle times.


Taplast develops tailor-made injection molds for customers, a compelling service both technically and economically. Our modular mold design, together with a guaranteed interchangeability of every component, offer maximum duration and minimum cycle times.

The rheological analysis of mold filling supports

  • Optimal mold cooling using the latest contour cooling systems
  • Optimal hotrunner layout
  • Thermal layout of the complete mold
  • Modular mold design for a quick maintenance

We establish the material separation for multicomponent parts, we determine the location of the injection point, and we optimize the weight and flow path/wall thickness ratio.

Assembling technology

Taplast and his Supplier network have always developing and building automated solution for the assembling process including the automatic inspection and testing.

In particular, we have developed high-level capabilities in automatic vision as well as conventional inspection methods to accurately check dimensions, missing components and misshaped piece parts after the assembly to guarantee the reliability of the output.


The continuous improvement of processes and technologies has driven us to give to our Customers the possibility to realize shapes impossible with standard plastic injection moulding process: Injection Blow Moulding is the perfect wedding between injection moulding and blowmolding and allow Taplast to develop a wider range of design and extend the know-how of packaging. Best fit are jars, bottles and ampoules in PP, Pe and PET with a high reliability in dimensions, weight and wall thickness.

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