Orifice: Ø 2,5 or 5,0 mm (0.11 or 0.19 in)

Article: 338/25
Cap Size: SP 28/410
Orifice: Ø 2,5 mm (0.11 in)
Co2: 11.33 g*

Article: 338/50
Cap Size: SP 28/410
Orifice: Ø 5,0 mm (0.19 in)
Co2: 11.47 g*

Applications: Household products, outdoorliving, personal care.

Strong and dependable, the Aria is the tough guy on the block. Standing up to all challenges in the household sector, Aria gives dependability and reliability to protect your products and your customers.
*(when at the end of life, the polymer is recycled at 50%. Calculation with software SIMAPRO based on tables IPCC)