Designed to comply with ISO8317, in conjunction with the bottle
New bottle and closure combinations require individual accreditation

Article: 452/Al
Cap Size: SP 28/410
Version Aluminium liner
Co2: 26.64 g*

Article: 452/PE
Cap Size: SP 28/410
Polyethylene liner
Co2: 26.40 g*

Article: 452/SP
Cap Size: SP 28/410
Dispensing spout
Co2: 28.06 g*

Applications: Household products, outdoor living, pharmaceutical.

Better SAFE than sorry. Coro is not just a cap, it is an integrated system to deliver a better life, keeping our children secure. This cap builds in cutting-edge technology prevent any risks.
100% of children failed to open it, 93% of adults did !!
*(when at the end of life, the polymer is recycled at 50%. Calculation with software SIMAPRO based on tables IPCC)