Dose: 2 ml
Lock up opening & closing 90°

Article: 272/400
Cap Size: SP 28/400
Co2: 51.77 g*

Article: 272/410
Cap Size: SP 28/410
Co2: 52.19 g*

Applications: Liquid soap, body lotion, face care, sun lotion, hand care, professional.

Elaborating on the three-dimensional image of a drop of water, a symbol of purity and freshness, the style is designed to offer a comfortable experience to the user through the large and ergonomic Palm Top.
The contact surface offers the hand that presses a comfortable and wide dimensions. The large dimension of the dispensing actuator evidences and gives stability to the whole package.
*(when at the end of life, the polymer is reuse at 50%. Calculation with software SIMAPRO based on tables IPCC)