Dose: 1,5 ml
Lock up opening & closing 90°

Article: 271/415
Cap Size: SP 24/415
Co2: 47.56 g*

Article: 271/410
Cap Size: SP 24/410
Co2: 46.01 g*

Applications: Liquid soap, body lotion, face care, sun lotion, hand care, professional.

The form of the plastic spring invites pressing and suggests fluid and effortless movements. The rounded contours of the spring evoke ‘softness’ of the mechanism and of the material. The colored bellows that compresses and extends is great to see: a small mechanical toy that communicates to the consumer using its own friendly language.
Everything distinguishes the added-value of your package.
*(when at the end of life, the polymer is reuse at 50%. Calculation with software SIMAPRO based on tables IPCC)