Dose: 2 ml
Lock up opening & closing 90°

Article: 216/400
Cap Size: SP 28/400
Co2: 49.99 g*

Article: 216/410
Cap Size: SP 28/410
Co2: 50.49 g*

Article: 216/PCO
Cap Size: SP 28/PCO
Co2: 50.49 g*

Applications: Liquid soap, body lotion, face care, sun lotion, hand care, professional.

The dynamic curve of the Marea reminds of the rising crescendo of an ocean wave. Its undulating form rising up then to be pressed down… combined with the Nautilus pump family smart no contact system guarantees the purity of the delivery.
*(when at the end of life, the polymer is recycled at 50%. Calculation with software SIMAPRO based on tables IPCC)