Taplast makes the difference

Our Mission is to bring out the optimum in aesthetics and functionality, turning standard into amazing. We help brands to be number one on shelf, adding the ultimate dispensing feature to their products. Taplast adds style engaging the Consumer and, as a result, increasing sales.
We translate in design global Consumer trends: our know-how allows us to exceed Customer expectations by providing the ’’icing on the cake’’. Stylish solutions and distinctive looks enable us to delight end-users with cost effective and sustainable concepts.
Exclusive Italian creativity and lean manufacturing are linked together in dynamic, hi-tech and user-friendly dispensing solutions.


“We cannot just add sustainable development to our current list of things to do but must learn to integrate the concepts into everything that we do.”

Our company has always been at the forefront of environmental issues. Since 1995 we have adopted an eco-friendly approach, primarily designing an AllPlastic Pump with minimum environmental impact. Our products are also firmly grounded in sustainability using recyclable materials and components reduced in number and weight.

This eco-friendly attitude is verified by thirteen national and international awards won over the last fifteen years

Technology behind our Beauty

The innovation, creativity and beauty define our company together with agility and flexibility.
Over the years we have created a fluid network of competencies and solutions connecting Manufacturing, Process and Consumer experience.

The top is more than a drop!


Superior top lifting force

Superior top lifting force
(8 kg./17,5 pounds) for easier and safer handling


High top - load resistance

High top – load resistance
(>30 kg./ 66 pounds) saves secondary packaging



Plastic bellows
(no metal spring) for utmost hygiene


Prevents bacterial contamination

Water Proof design
prevents bacterial contamination


No leakage

No leakage
when bottle is compressed

The Power of Performance

Taplast understands the critical components required by the End User to make the best choices. It is all about making packaging amazing: saving time, money and effort delighting Consumers with tangible value, benefits and great design.
Key influencers for Consumers include ergonomics, functionality, style of dispense, effort to operate and the ability to get the most liquid from the pack.
Style is the primary on-shelf decision driver, but this has to be supported with a fantastic Consumer experience. At Taplast we have a long heritage of perfectly integrating the performance with the beauty.

What do consumers like in our products?

AllPlastic Pumps

Wave, Lagoon, Droplet: be kind to nature and your formulations with our patented 100% All Plastic recyclable lotion pumps.
The swirling design of the plastic bellows encourages the user to press the actuator and promises smooth and effortless operation.

Memorable: 34%
Hi-Tech: 24%
Fun: 22%
Enticing: 20%

Nautilus Spring Pumps

  • Metal free pathway: spring not in contact with fluid
  • No leakage when bottle is compressed
  • High top- load resistance (>30 kg./ 66 pounds) saves secondary packaging
  • Superior top lifting force (8 kg./17,5 pounds) for easier and safer handling
Modern: 24%
Tech: 22%
User friendly: 20%
Delicate: 18%
Fun: 16%

Push Pull Caps

  • Superior top lifting force, safer for children
  • Keeps package clean, double sealing on the top & on the side
  •  Eye catching surface, clearly memorable and ergonomic
  • Ease of operation
Light: 35
Essential: 33%
Basic: 32%

*A panel test handled in a supermarket with Italian consumers.

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